Our Products

We have a wide range of investment products; consisting of mutual funds and discretionary accounts which are designed to meet your specific needs. Our open-ended mutual funds can be classified into following groups:

Product Type Brand
Equity Fund Danareksa Mawar
  Danareksa Mawar Fokus-10
  Danareksa Mawar Konsumer 10
  Danareksa Mawar Komoditas 10
  Danareksa Mawar Rotasi Sektor Strategis
  Danareksa Syariah Saham
Balanced Fund Danareksa Anggrek Fleksibel
  Danareksa Syariah Berimbang
Equity Index Fund Danareksa Indeks Syariah
Fixed Income Fund (IDR) Danareksa Gebyar Indonesia II
  Danareksa Melati Pendapatan Utama
Fixed Income Fund (USD) Danareksa Melati USD
  Danareksa Melati Premium Dollar
  Danareksa Melati Platinum Dollar AS
Money Market Fund Danareksa Seruni Pasar Uang II
  Danareksa Seruni Pasar Uang III
  Danareksa Gebyar Dana Likuid

Our Clients

Our clients consist of institutions and retail investors. Our institutional clients consist of more than 35 pension funds, 25 insurance companies, and 50 corporate clients. More than 11,000 retail investors make use of our services.


Investing in mutual funds invloves certain risks. Potential investors are required to read and understand the prospectus before investing in mutual funds. Past performance does not reflect future performance.

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